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Are you ready to invest in a smile that lasts a lifetime? Dental implants in Tampa are a game-changing solution for restoring missing or damaged teeth and improving oral health. At The Denture Place, we’re dedicated to ensuring our patients have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their dental care. 

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What Are Dental Implants?

Have you ever heard of dental implants? If not, allow us to introduce you to a world of tooth replacement that can change your life (and your smile) for the better. Dental implants are surgical fixtures that we place into the jawbone and allow to fuse with the bone over a few months. 

The result is a sturdy and long-lasting replacement for missing teeth that not only look natural but function just like your original pearly whites. We are all about improving the quality of life for our patients, and dental implants are just one way we do that.

What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

Here are the steps involved with placing dental implants.



Consultation & Treatment Planning

The first step in placing dental implants is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dietl. During this appointment, he will assess your overall oral health and determine if you're a good candidate for dental implants. He will also discuss your treatment goals and create a treatment plan.



Preparatory Procedures

Before placing the dental implant, we may recommend preparatory procedures such as bone grafting or a sinus lift. These procedures help ensure the implant has a stable foundation and can integrate appropriately with the surrounding bone.



Implant Placement

The dental implant is placed into the jawbone surgically using a small incision in the gum tissue. The implant is made of biocompatible materials such as titanium, which allows it to integrate with the surrounding bone over time and create a stable base for the replacement tooth.



Healing and Integration

After we place the implant, a healing period of several months is required for the implant to integrate with the surrounding bone. During this time, we can provide a temporary tooth replacement to allow you to chew and speak normally.



Placement of the Final Restoration

Once the implant has integrated with the surrounding bone, we can place the final restoration. This may be a dental crown, bridge, or denture, depending on your treatment plan and the number of teeth we replace. The final restoration is custom-designed to match the color and shape of your natural teeth, providing a seamless and natural-looking result.

What Are the Benefits?

If you’re tired of slipping dentures or avoiding certain foods, consider dental implants. These super-charged teeth replacements offer many benefits that can improve your quality of life. Not only do they feel and look like natural teeth, but they’re also incredibly sturdy, allowing you to eat whatever your heart desires without worry. Plus, they don’t require any unique maintenance routines like traditional dentures or bridges. Dental implants can undoubtedly deliver a smile that you will be proud of. 

Our Implant Services:

Single-Tooth Implants

Single-tooth implants are a reliable solution for replacing a single missing tooth. The procedure involves surgically implanting a titanium post into the jawbone, which serves as a stable foundation for a custom-made artificial tooth (crown). This method ensures a natural-looking and functional replacement without affecting adjacent teeth.

Implant Restorations

Implant restorations refer to the process of restoring dental implants with various prosthetic options, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures, depending on the number of missing teeth. After the implants have integrated with the jawbone, custom-made restorations are attached to the implants, mimicking the appearance and function of natural teeth. Implant restorations offer long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results, providing patients with a stable and comfortable solution for missing teeth.

O-Ring Replacement

O-ring replacement for dental implants is a procedure designed to maintain the stability and functionality of implant-supported overdentures. Over time, the O-rings, which serve as attachments connecting the denture to the dental implants, may experience wear or deterioration. This maintenance procedure contributes to the long-term success of implant-supported prosthetics, providing patients with continued comfort and stability in their everyday activities. Regular O-ring checks and replacements are recommended to address any signs of wear and optimize the performance of implant-supported overdentures.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are smaller in diameter than traditional implants and are often used to stabilize dentures or replace small teeth where space is limited. Due to their smaller size, they require less bone density and offer a quicker, less invasive placement process. Mini dental implants are especially suitable for patients with reduced bone volume.


All-on-4 implants are a revolutionary technique that allows for the placement of a full arch of teeth (either upper or lower) on just four strategically positioned implants. This approach maximizes the use of available bone, providing a stable and durable solution for patients missing multiple teeth or with extensive tooth loss. All-on-4 implants offer a fixed, natural-looking, and functional set of teeth without the need for individual implants for each missing tooth.

Dental Implant Cleaning and Maintenance

Dental implant cleaning and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the longevity and health of implant-supported restorations. Regular oral hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing, are essential to keep the implant crowns, bridges, or dentures clean and free from plaque and bacteria. Professional dental check-ups and cleanings, typically scheduled twice a year, allow the dentist to assess the condition of the implants, address any issues early on, and provide guidance on proper home care. Additionally, patients with implant-supported restorations may be advised to use special brushes or floss designed for cleaning around implants, promoting optimal oral health and preserving the integrity of the dental implants over time.

Dental Implants in Tampa, FL

Taking the step to invest in dental implants can be life-changing, and at The Denture Place, we’re committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care. From consultation to the final restoration, Dr. Taylor Lawrence Dietl and his team will work closely with you to ensure your implant treatment meets your unique needs and goals.

Ready to explore dental implants and how they can benefit you? Whether you’ve lost teeth due to injury, decay, or aging, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to uncomfortable dentures and hello to a new and improved smile with dental implants. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation today! We can’t wait to see your smile!

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